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Gorgeous XXX Video hard dick cumming after tight jerking One thing that weve always been known for here at Active Duty is slowly moving recruits across the line, inch by inch, getting them more and more comfortable and ready for the next step. Sometimes that means getting them to do their first solo and then a lot of behind the scenes discussion and negotiating until they agree to give things a try full on. Other times it means baby steps and getting them to take that process slowly on video as they agree to try more.This time weve got a recruit who has chosen to do the latter course of training and take things slowly as he becomes more comfortable step-by-step on video. Youll surely remember this stud from the War Chest Updates and the nice, big, delicious dick hes sporting. Devon was featured in the War Chest a couple of months ago and Ive been working on him ever since to get him comfortable enough to take the next step. 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